"Outer Dark" by Cormac McCarthy - review

"Outer Dark" (Polish: "W ciemność"), originally published in 1968, is a novel by one of the most popular American authors - Cormac McCarthy. His novel No  country for old men (“To nie jest kraj dla starych ludzi”) adapted by brothers Coen - Oscar 2007 for the best film, direction, adaptive screenplay and supporting actor (great role by Javier Bardem). Another book - “The Road” (Pulitzer Prize winning 2006) -  filmed by John Hillcoat.


Let’s return to “Outer Dark”. South of America. The end of the 19th century, maybe beginning of  the 20th. Rinthy gave birth to a child, probably fruit of the relation with her brother Culla. He abandons a newborn in the forest and tells Rinthy that a baby was stillborn. A child finds a tinker. Rinthy guesses the truth and she starts out her search of her child.  Her track follows her brother...

Fictional world of Cormac McCarthy is a world of Bible parable or a pagan myth. An intriguing language, unusual syntax and extraordinary imagination.  "Outer Dark" is a gloomy tale about  destination, sin and passion.

Reading this novel is a journey to the end of the night. To the heart of darkness.

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